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Welspun introduces Wel-Trak

Jan 09, 2018
Welspun introduces Wel-Trak

Welspun India, one of the largest home textile manufacturers in the world, has introduced a patented, end-to-end traceability process Wel-Trak. This revolutionary process ensures that customers and consumers can trace the provenance of the cotton raw materials throughout the supply chain from farm to the retail shelf.

Dipali Goenka, CEO & Jt MD, Welspun India Ltd, said, “All our customers across the globe are very excited about Wel-Trak, as it is unique in the textile industry. Having a mechanism in place that will enable them to track the source of the final product right back to the specific farm it comes from, definitely adds value and transparency to the whole process.”

The proprietary process will allow traceability of any product back to its fibre source, through a state-of-the-art solution, thereby providing transparency and real time information. Furthermore, Welspun has also partnered with Oritain Global, a world leader in the use of scientific traceability to determine provenance of food, beverages, pharmaceutical and now extended to cotton fibre.

This partnership provides independent validation of Welspun’s supply chain by using a method of chemical fingerprinting to identify the origin of the cotton fibre used for its home textile products. This exclusive tie-up with Oritain’s traceability technology supplements Wel-Trak and demonstrates Welspun’s commitment to full transparency and traceability of its home textile products throughout the supply chain.

Wel-Trak will deliver end-to-end traceability by deploying various features including automated data capture using RFID, customised software for validation, robust IT & ERP systems to enable smooth operations across all stages of production and strengthened physical and systems controls which streamline the tracking process.