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Waste2Wear launches world’s 1st collection of ocean plastic fabrics

Sep 20, 2019
Waste2Wear launches world’s 1st collection of ocean plastic fabrics

Waste2Wear, the Dutch company that makes fabrics out of recycled plastic bottles, has presented the world’s first collection of recycled ocean plastic fabrics that is fully traceable using blockchain technology at the international textile fair Première Vision, taking place from September 17-19 in Paris. By implementing blockchain technology, Waste2Wear wants to bring more transparency to the supply chain of recycled textiles.

The blockchain documents and records the journey of plastic waste, step-by-step, to become a finished textile product. This allows Waste2Wear to track recycled materials all the way back to their source, from the fishermen and pickers who collected the plastic up to the final product, and all steps in between. It enables the company to provide their customers with complete transparency. Leaving no doubt that all fabrics and textile products are made out of post-consumer plastic waste collected from oceans, and saved from ending up on landfill.

The plastic used for Waste2Wear’s Ocean Fabrics comes from the water and coastal areas of China where many fishermen have lost their jobs due to fishing bans. Together with an NGO, Waste2Wear started collaboration with the local government to let these former fishermen take plastic out of the ocean and pay them for their effort. The result is the Waste2Wear Ocean Plastic Project that helps the environment while also improving the livelihood of fishermen and waste collectors. Currently, more than 30 tonnes of waste from the ocean gets collected every month.