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Vietnam’s textile sector to be affected by Covid 19

Jun 23, 2021
Vietnam’s textile sector to be affected by Covid 19


As the Covid-19 situation is getting more complicated across Vietnam, the textile and garment sector is greatly affected. The sector might come down in the coming months.

According to Pham Xuan Hong, Head, HCMC Association of Garment, Textile, Embroidery and Knitting (AGTEK), the effect of the pandemic has reached industrial parks in HCMC and if the workers in the firms get affected, the work will have to be stopped and fulfilment of the orders will also slow down.

As per Le Tien Tuong, chairman, Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex), the risk of Covid-19 breaking out in the garment and textile factories is higher because these factories are labour-intensive and the workers are concentrated in certain places.

According to the reports, no affiliates in Vinatex were found affected by the Covid-19 infection during the first three waves but the ongoing fourth wave has caused some enterprises in the northern province of Bac Ninh and the central city of Da Nang, to be affected by the virus. As per the chairman of Vinatex, the workers in the Vinatex affiliates have been affected by the virus for the first time in last 18 months due to which the production had to be stopped and the group has to face losses. He added, if the production is stopped, delivery of the goods will be delayed causing further losses.

Source – VNE Express International

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