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Vietnam’s Q1 textile exports turnover seems to recover

May 07, 2021
Vietnam’s Q1 textile exports turnover seems to recover

Hanoi, Vietnam

April saw a huge profit as Vietnam’s textile and garment exports rose by 42.2 %. During the initial four months, the demand in the key market recovered and the sector saw some positive changes. Coupled with this positive impact, Vietnam also joined the free trade agreements according to the ministry.

It is also said that many export items like fabric and clothes from natural fibres also gained the growth momentum. According to China’s General Static Office, Vietnam also recorded an export turnover of around $29.5 billion in this sector. This figure is 10.2% down as compared to that of the previous year but is still acceptable considering the effect of the pandemic. Other large export markets in this sector include Japan, South Korea, China, the European Union, and the United States.


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