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Venator’s new pigment Hombitan to whiten PET fibres

Jun 04, 2021
Venator’s new pigment Hombitan to whiten PET fibres

Wynyard, UK

The new HOMBITAN LQ range is designed in such a way that it optimizes the delustering of PET fibres from plastic bottles for creating new products like footwear and apparel.

The company is launching the LQ range based on a titanium dioxide (TiO2) platform for the fibre industry. The HOMBITAN LQ White 100 is optimized for semi-dull recycled PET fibres while on the other hand HOMBITAN LQ White 130 is used for the manufacture of full-dull fibres. Both these products are simple and offer various advantages over solid masterbatch pigment solutions. They are designed for small-scale recycled PET projects.

These LQ products can be incorporated into the extrusion line, have a high solid pigment load, and can be homogenized into a recycled polymer melt. The fibre producers will have to use very little quantity to achieve the desired results.

HOMBITAN LQ products also offer uniform whiteness as they are designed in such a way that they can withstand temperature changes and pressure fluctuations. This, thereby, reduces the gloss of recycled fibres that might be unsightly in some garment pieces. Another advantage of these products is that they do not need pre-processing. This means that the time and money of the producer is saved. They are also delivered ready to use and need not be dried or crystallized. Due to their liquid formulation, they can also be used near spinning operations.

According to Xandra Bläser, Global Business Director, Specialty Pigmentary TiO2, recycled PET is commonly used to make footwear, textile, and apparel nowadays. This shift has been seen for many years as the manufacturers want to reduce their dependence on virgin materials, cut their carbon footprints, and use the materials which would be otherwise dumped. The manufacturers are looking for more sustainable way due to which they feel that HOMBITAN LQ range is a good choice as it is environment-friendly.  He also said that the company has used its knowledge and created a liquid TiO2 technology to help producers get high-quality results from the recovered PET.

Source – Press release

Image Source: Press release of "Venator"

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