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UL’s new testing laboratory at Bengaluru

Jul 06, 2017
UL’s new testing laboratory at Bengaluru

UL, an independent global safety science company, announced the launch of an advanced laboratory for safety and performance testing of composite materials like polymer blends, laminates reinforced with nanoparticles, carbon and glass fibres. Replete with the latest and best in class equipment and technology, the composite material testing laboratory will offer end to end service from laminate preparation, specimen machining and preparation to static tests as per ISO, ASTM and other specific standards.

UL’s strategic capacity building expansion is envisioned to support the fast growing composite material market in India in sectors such as renewable energy, smart cities, aerospace and automotives. Lightweight and imbued with high strength and impact resistance, composite materials are manufactured by combining two or more unique substances, chosen for their superior performance or beneficial properties, in manner that each component retains its original nature in the blend. The wind energy sector, for instance, is a major consumer of composite material, used in the production of wind turbines. 

UL’s extensive suite of composite testing services will enable manufacturers to realign their production matrix by assessing the suitability of the composites they wish to employ and obtain accurate test data on both material and performance metrics such thermal aging, chemical, electrical and flammability properties as well as compositional failure analysis.