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Trousers top Bangla’s RMG export list

Aug 09, 2016
Trousers top Bangla’s RMG export list

Bangladesh’s total readymade garment (RMG) shipment touched $28.09 billion in the last fiscal, of which trousers topped the list of apparel exports item accounting for more than 22 per cent. Earnings from shirts remained almost stagnant at $2.17 billion to $2.37 billion during the last three fiscal years.

Bangladesh earned $6.31 billion from trousers, $6.11 billion from t-shirts followed by $3.77 billion from jackets, $3.18 billion from sweaters and $2.31 billion from shirts export in last fiscal year, reveals statistics from the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). The data showed t-shirts accounted for 21.77 per cent, jackets 13.43 per cent, sweaters 11.32 per cent and shirts by 8.24 per cent respectively. The top five items fetched $21.71 billion, more than 77 per cent, out of the total $28.09 billion garment exports in the last fiscal, the data showed.

Industry sources reveal that manufacturers are now switching over to more value added products especially in the segment of trousers while the revised rules of origin by the EU boosted the penetration.