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TENCEL + REFIBRA: Homing in on circular economy

Jan 11, 2019
TENCEL + REFIBRA: Homing in on circular economy

The pioneering REFIBRA technology has now entered a new level by stepping into the Home & Interior segment. TENCEL Home with REFIBRA technology offers more possibilities than ever before. For the first time, customers were able to get the full range of home and interior products of well-known fibre quality but now with improved sustainable fibre production.

TENCEL branded Lyocell fibres bring circular economy into home textiles
Many more customers want to make sustainable purchase choices. TENCEL Lyocell fibres with REFIBRA technology offer a good solution to that. REFIBRA technology is a true sustainability choice. Products made out of TENCEL Lyocell fibres with REFIBRA technology unite two innovations: the eco-friendly, closed-loop production process of TENCEL Lyocell fibres and the upcycling of a substantial proportion of cotton scraps. Combining wood pulp with pulp made from leftover cotton scraps from cutting operations, new virgin TENCEL Lyocell fibres are produced to make yarns and fabrics for home textiles. These innovative fibres mark an important step in Lenzing’s journey towards circular economy.

Full transparency for TENCEL with REFIBRA technology
Lenzing has developed a new identification system to assure customers that the purchased products with TENCEL produced with REFIBRA technology are really made out of the sustainable TENCEL Lyocell fibre. Even after going through a long supply chain, TENCEL Lyocell fibres can still be identified in the final product. This supports transparency in the overall processing chain.

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