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Teijin Aramid launches smartphone app

Jan 25, 2018
Teijin Aramid launches smartphone app

Teijin Aramid has launched a new smartphone app helping customers to reduce calculation errors with a special conversion tool for the fibre and textiles industry. Converting metric/imperial units that include yarn-related units such as twist levels and linear densities can lead to serious mistakes.

The Unit Converter App enables Teijin’s customers to convert yarn-specific units, including twist per length, threads per width, and linear density to yield. Besides that, with this easy service tool for smartphones, users can perform both aramid-related and non-aramid-related conversions, minimising the possibility of any calculation error.

Otto Grabandt, Global Technology and Application Manager at Teijin Aramid says: “Converting units is always complicated, and history has shown that this sometimes leads to serious mistakes. When metric/imperial unit conversions also involve yarn-related units such as twist levels, linear densities and yarn yields, moduli and tenacities it becomes very challenging. This app is a free tool for our customers that helps with easy and fast conversion between units, resulting in reduction of conversion mistakes.”

Until now, organisations still use special tables and formulas printed on paper to convert units. These sheets often only include the basic formulas and leave room for many mistakes. This app can calculate more general categories such as weight and volume, conceptually complex categories, such as mass per area and volume per time and yarn-specific units such as threads per width and linear density to yield. It even processes very special textile units.

Earlier, Teijin Aramid launched an app to support customers who use aramid fibres on a daily basis with tools to improve their workflow and at the same time reduce waste, costs and environmental impact. The new Unit Converter App is available now for iOS and Android smartphones.