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Taiwan's textile industry’s Tokyo Games connection

Aug 27, 2021


Taiwan's textile industry participated in the Tokyo Olympics games and had a major role. It is backing some internationally renowned brands and Taiwan’s fabric account for 70% of the global market. Here, major sports brands sponsored the games and the clothes worn by many national teams were made out of the fabrics in Taiwan.

Taiwan has earned a leading position in earth-friendly Textile innovation, continuous quality improvement, and sustainability. It is believed that the best brands across the world first approach Taiwan when they want the latest and best innovation including The North Face in outerwear, Jack Wolfskin rugged wear in Europe, Under Armour in sports apparel, and yoga apparel producer Lululemon.

The Tokyo Games were made more glamorous and fashionable by stylish athletes and fashion designers. Other than being fashionable, innovative functional textiles are an important part of sportswear. Taiwan was the leading supplier of sportswear fabrics and it bought along the finest knitting and woven facilities. Functional fabrics offer a great fit, high stretch, are lightweight, breathable, anti-bacterial, and odour management properties so that they can offer maximum comfort and boost the performance of the athletes on the ground. Taiwan is considered to be the most reliable supplier of internationally renowned sports brands.

The Chinese Taipei team's formal uniform was sponsored by Shinkong textile and the sports outfit was co-sponsored by VICTOR and Men-Chuen Fibre Industry. The industries focus on functionality involving comfort and breathe and make the apparel using the local recycled fibre and dyed with environmental-friendly pigment. The fabric manufacturers in Taiwan have a rich collection of recycled polyester products in multiple categories in woven and knits. Taiwan is blessed to have companies like Patagonia which is dedicated to improving the environment and hence is the first choice for textiles and development initiatives.

Source – Cision PR Newswire

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