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Taiwan’s NFY export to India plummets

Jan 23, 2018
Taiwan’s NFY export to India plummets

Taiwan used to be a large supplier of nylon filament yarn to India with a 12 per cent market share in 2012, but last year its share fell to 7.18 per cent. India has recommended withdrawing anti-dumping duties on imports of nylon filament yarns from Taiwan and five other nations.

The Indian government has since 2006 imposed an anti-dumping tax ranging from US$0.31 per kilogram to US$0.54 per kilogram on Taiwanese companies’ nylon filament yarn exports. India has also imposed similar tariffs on the yarn — which is used in a wide range of clothing and textiles — from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea.

Taiwan last year was the fifth-largest nylon filament yarn supplier to India, after China, Vietnam, South Korea and Malaysia, ministry data showed. China remained the largest exporter of the product to India with a 28.29 per cent market share, while Vietnam and South Korea held 21.34 per cent and 9.24 per cent respectively. Taiwan last year sold only $28,097 worth of nylon filament yarn to India for a 7.18 per cent market share, compared with exports of $43,956 with a 12 per cent share in 2012, ministry data shows. In light of India’s withdrawal of the anti-dumping duties, Taiwanese nylon filament suppliers could expand their presence in the Indian market, the ministry says.

In the first 11 months of last year, Taiwanese companies sold synthetic fibre valued at $1.06 billion to overseas customers, with a total shipment of 404,417 tonnes, according to data compiled by the Taiwan Textile Federation.