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Sympatex presents unmixed polyester laminates

Nov 19, 2019
Sympatex presents unmixed polyester laminates

At the 2019 Performance Days in Munich, Sympatex Technologies presented a selection of new, unmixed polyester laminates that perfectly supplement its portfolio in light of the company’s goal of being able to offer completely non-toxic, recycled and recyclable functional textiles by the year 2020.

As a pioneer in the field of sustainable, waterproof functional textiles, the Munich-based company is focused on the strategic expansion of unmixed functional laminates made from recycled polyester, which meanwhile make up more than 80 per cent of the Sympatex apparel business line. With this strategy, outer and inner lining materials produced from already-recycled and recyclable polyester, plus the 100-per cent non-PTFE/PFC Sympatex membrane made from completely non-toxic polyether/polyester, are laminated together into an unmixed functional material that in turn can be fed back into the closed textile loop at the end of its product life cycle.

One new example is the bio-based, three-layer Berlin Tide functional product, which is an ideal supplement to the sustainable Sympatex portfolio. With this unmixed and recyclable functional textile, polyester fibres are partly replaced by bio-based Sorona fibres. The result is that non-renewable energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. The climate-neutral Sympatex membrane contributes to a positive eco-balance as well. Berlin Tide is well-suited for the athleisure and sportswear segments. This soft, easy-to-care-for article features a natural look and thanks to the Sorona polymer structure, is highly elastic without having to rely on elastane.