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Starlinger to set new ground in Turkey’s textile industry

Sep 21, 2021
Starlinger to set new ground in Turkey’s textile industry


The Starlinger recoSTAR universal 165 H-VAC iV+ forms part of Korteks’ $ 10 million investment and it has a production capacity of 7,200 tons per year. The line takes clean in-house polyester fibres from production scrap along with washed post-consumer PET flakes at a 50/50 ratio. It is believed that with this investment the company is going to establish a circular economy in the Turkish textile industry.

According to Baris Mert, General Manager, Korteks, the company has been associated with Starlinger for a long time. He also said that the unique and innovative recycling technology allows the company to offer new products in line with the circular economy model.

The Starlinger recycling line is unique and one of a kind. It is equipped with components for filament yarn recycling. Starlinger has developed a Rapid Sleeve Changer candle filter which ensures the finest melt filtration down to 15 µm. This filter is designed in such a way that it helps in polyester recycling and brings an output of 1000 kg/h. 

According to Paul Niedl, Commercial Head, Starlinger recycling technology, the team is proud to be connected with Korteks to bring sustainability to the textile business. He feels that if more Turkish textile manufacturers start using recycled materials this will act as an important move for the sector and act as a big step towards a circular economy.

Korteks is expecting the market to grow because there is increased acceptance for recycled products. It is also predicted that there is a need for recycling solutions for synthetic and natural fibres. As per Baris Mert, the aim of Korteks is sustainable growth which helps in reducing environmental impact and also creates value in the process. So, for this, the company is trying to expand its product range in sustainable and smart textiles every day, he added.

Source – Press release of "Starlinger"

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