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Soon, Patanjali’s ‘swadeshi’ jeans!

Sep 15, 2016
Soon, Patanjali’s ‘swadeshi’ jeans!

Yoga guru Ramdev-owned Patanjali Group plans to launch ‘swadeshi’ jeans by the end of this year or early next year. Baba Ramdev says the idea behind his expanding business ventures is to end the dominance of multinational corporations that have for decades been capitalising on the country’s market.

There is a great demand from the country’s youths for jeans, the reason why Patanjali has decided to launch “Indianised” jeans to compete with foreign brands, he says. 

Patanjali is also set to go global by setting up units abroad. Says Baba Ramdev: “We have set up factories in Nepal and Bangladesh and are now approaching African nations. Profits earned would be used in those countries for development, and won’t be ploughed back to India. If permitted, we will start units in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well.”