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SOL’s revolutionary innovation

Jan 03, 2017
SOL’s revolutionary innovation

Beijing SOL Flame-retardant Fiber Limited (SOL) has developed a new flame-resistant (FR) cellulose fibre—SOL FR—after more than 10 years of research. SOL FR is produced through spinning and solidifying action after a grafting reaction between cellulose solution and new silicon-nitrogen flame retardants, making it a revolutionary innovation.

Thanks to excellent thermal protection performance and small heat shrinkage coefficient of SOL FR, the fabric can still maintain its original shape burned at a high temperature of 1,100ºC, playing a role as a barrier.

The new inherent cellulose-based FR fibre is characterised by excellent flame-resistant and thermal protection performances, nil melting and dripping, small smoke emission, non-toxic and non-polluting smoke and great wear comfort. In addition, it will not pollute the environment after degradation. It can be widely used in fire-fighting, military and special protective clothing industry, as well as the garments for infants and young children and the elderly, home textiles, and the interior furnishings of transportation vehicles.

SOL FR is endowed with another new function: antibacterium. The fibre with antibacterial properties can be widely used in personal protection, home textiles, underwear, medical textiles, sweatshirts and so on, especially garments for the elderly, pregnant women and infants.