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Simone Rancan is new CEO of SMIT

Oct 18, 2016
Simone Rancan is new CEO of SMIT

Established in 1938 and worldwide recognised as a forerunner in weaving technology, SMIT officially joined Santex Rimar Group in April 2016. The brand new SMIT production site is already working in Trissino (Vicenza) where Group’s headquarters is based and new Chief Executive Officer has been nominated: after several years of experience in the textile world, Simone Rancan officially joined Santex Rimar Group and assumed the role of SMIT CEO.

“Simone Rancan knows textile business and will move SMIT forward with the speed required to capitalize on opportunities. He has a great ability to connect with employees, partners, customers and global leaders. Rancan’s vision, strategy and execution is exactly what SMIT needs as we enter our next chapter, which I am confident will be even more impactful and exciting than before” said Stefano Gallucci, Santex Rimar Group CEO.

Rancan started his career in Sperotto Rimar, afterwards has worked in important players in the sector of weaving machines and he spent the last 4 years in spinning machinery with Rieter: “I am honored by the unique chance provided by Santex Rimar Group to lead SMIT on its path forwards. Strong and well known technological foundations, coupled with the unique knowledge of a wide range of textile processes available inside the Group, provide the base for moving ahead in full confidence. New production concepts have been implemented at record speed, spare parts deliveries have already started six months ago and first looms have been delivered this month thanks to the trust of our customers who are the focus of our actions and efforts”.

SMIT SMART PLATFORM is a structural architecture concept involving the whole machine project – mechanics, electronics and communication systems – to provide the most advantageous weaving machine configurations to produce high quality fabrics for any sector, widening weaver’s market access. 

Versatility for further upgrading at any time, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, excellent fabric quality productions, low rate consumption, ease of use and maintenance are the main features of SMIT weaving machines. Custom made self-retaining grippers, easy to adjust and stable while weaving, are engineered for a wide range of weft material and counts. 

In Spring 2017 SMIT will offer an exclusive glimpse into the new lean production site during an Open Doors Event where customers will have the unique chance to admire the most exciting and inspiring projects for the future of the company. 

SMIT is one of the world leading manufacturer of weaving machines established in 1938 and renowned for the high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness among a large variety of applications, from garments fabrics to home textiles, terry cloths and technical fabrics.

Santex will be present at Hall 6 Booth D53.

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