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Saurer’s new "senses" control centre

Aug 30, 2018
Saurer’s new "senses" control centre

Textile professionals definitely should not miss this year's ITMA Asia in Shanghai: The textile machinery manufacturer Saurer is presenting its new "senses" control centre at China's largest textile exhibition.

Digital senses for bigger profits: "senses" is an innovative control and analysis tool that furnishes textile companies with digital senses: for more profits along the textile value added chain. The innovative Big Data system collects, aggregates and analyses the production, quality and machine data of the entire textile fabrication process across all locations. The valuable data is available to operators on the mill floor as well as mill and company management via an intuitive web interface and standardized ERP interfaces anywhere – even on the move.
“There's no life without senses”, says Michael Nikolic, the responsible product manager in the Saurer Intelligent Enterprise Solution department (SIES). “Our five senses are our gateway to the world. They help us to find our way around. They reveal to us both the big picture and the smallest details. We use them to find vital resources. They enable us to react in an instant when danger threatens or when a unique opportunity arises. Without our senses we would be lost. The same applies to companies. Without valid information, they lose their competitiveness.”

"senses" are the digital senses that a textile company needs to make use of raw materials, time, personnel, energy and capital efficiently and profitably. With "senses", operators as well as mill and company management will discover new productivity potential and synergy effects. Anyone who has valid information about their own performance can establish advantageous partnerships and communicate successfully with the markets. "senses" is the gateway to a new world of plannable success.

The new software from Saurer is non-proprietary. It not only evaluates the production and quality data of Saurer textile machines, but also integrates machines from other manufacturers into the innovative information and control system. "senses" is suitable for companies of all sizes. The software has a modular structure so that customers can book only the modules they need, cost-effectively. A convenient software shop turns software management into child's play: New modules can be booked or cancelled at the click of a mouse.