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Polygiene ViralOff to boost Zippsafe’s locker hygiene

Aug 01, 2021
Polygiene ViralOff to boost Zippsafe’s locker hygiene


Zippsafe, a Swiss company, has reinvented its lockers by replacing hard materials with smart textiles. The company now treats its products with the Polygiene ViralOff antimicrobial technology.

The Zippsafe solution is derived from the textile locker bags that can adapt in any size to the items stored and need only 30% space as compared to a classic locker. The locker management is digitalized using the Zippsafe Management System and the clothes can be easily hung up using a pull-out hanger. The solution also offers integrated ventilation, improves locker room hygiene, and also helps in reducing the risk of contamination of fresh work wear.

The company has decided to move a step ahead by using Polygiene ViralOff technology to maintain hygiene.  It is a treatment of textiles that helps in reducing micro-organisms by over 99% on the material. This technology was launched last year when the demand for antimicrobial solutions grew due to the corona pandemic.

The locker bags’ inner lining is made up of two products- ZippSpace Pro and ZippSpace Regular. These two are now treated with Polygiene ViralOff. As per the officials from Zippsafe, the company decided to use Polygiene ViralOff once it identified the benefits of antimicrobial fabric. According to Carlo Loderer, CEO and Co-Founder, Zippsafe, this soft locker technology not only allows the company to save a lot of space but also offers many other advantages. One of them is hygiene. The possibility to wash the bags completely in case of heavy soiling is another advantage. Last year, when the discussions intensified, the company started to look for smart and antimicrobial textiles, and hence it came across Polygiene.

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Image Source: Zippsafe

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