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Organic cotton meet in Germany

Sep 07, 2016
Organic cotton meet in Germany

Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT), which held the 2015 Organic Cotton Round Table in Mumbai, will hold this year’s event in Germany. Almost 200 producers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, and support organizations came together to share news and views on organic cotton in the Mumbai meet.

OCRT is a global stakeholder platform that supports and brings together the organic cotton community to be inspired mobilised, and equipped to act. In 2012, after many years of steady growth, production of organic cotton began to decline. Yet demand for organic cotton fibre continued to grow. OCRT was incepted in response to the decline.

The primary objective of the OCRT is to find ways to collaborate in order to grow the sector, share best practices at every stage, build supportive partnerships, and improve supply and livelihood security. OCRT aims to eliminate the barriers to growth in organic cotton production and consequently enable the current growth in demand from consumers to be met and capitalised on.