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OEKO-TEX certifies Evonik's P84 HT

Sep 06, 2021
OEKO-TEX certifies Evonik

Schörfling, Austria

OEKO-TEX® has certified Evonik's P84® HT fibre based on Standard 100 that is related to skin contact applications. Here, P84® HT is a high-tech fibre that comes with improved textile properties at high temperatures. It is also observed that Evonik's polyimide fibre has the capacity to retain its flexibility even at 280 degrees Celsius as compared to other materials. Hence, it becomes more durable in applications with higher average temperatures. According to a standardized bending test, this new P84®HT fibre has twice the flexibility of standard materials.

Moreover, P84® HT also showcases insulation properties, is breathable, and feels pleasant against the skin. It also has 30% less weight than aramid fibres and it is chosen for protective clothing like hoods and gloves. It is even used for PPE kits.

The Standard 100 label from OEKO-TEX® depicts that the components of the product are tested for a total of 100 harmful substances and have proven to be harmless to health. The criteria list includes allergenic dyes, carcinogenic, formaldehyde or DMF, and other regulated and non-regulated substances that might cause ill-effect on human health.

Evonik is a leading manufacturer of thermostable, chemically resistant, and non-flammable polyimide fibres in the world. P84® HT is designed in such a way that it can meet the industry's increasing demands for mechanical stability and flexibility. So, the company is trying to continue its three-decade tradition at the Lenzing and Schörfling sites and is involved in the production of plastic-based high-performance fibres. 

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