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Nick Jonas’ shirt reminds GI-tagged Solapur Chaddar

Sep 20, 2021
Nick Jonas’ shirt reminds GI-tagged Solapur Chaddar

After his recent stage show 'Remember This Tour,' Nick uploaded his picture in a printed shirt on social media. The pattern and fabric of the shirt remind of the renowned GI-tagged Solapur Chaddar, which is known as a cotton blanket. The image has become so famous on the internet that it has been able to draw a lot of attention. The producers are hoping that this interest of the netizens will bring the much-needed lifeline to the sector.

The textile and garment industry has faced a real tough time in the last one and half years. The garment industry that produces school uniforms in India has suffered a lot as there was no demand for the same. The garment industrialists have shifted towards the fashion industry and Nick Jonas’s shirt has given them hope of a better future.

Solapur Chaddar is a GI-labelled product that is known for its design, use, and durability. Many manufacturers have also gone online during the times of Covid. A person on the internet said that the garment is truly fashioned out of the Indian blanket. They feel that the fashion trends set by these stars will help in bringing the industry back in form.

Source – News Track

Image Source: Wikipedia

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