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New Nomex® protective solutions for firefighters

Nov 17, 2017
New Nomex® protective solutions for firefighters

DuPont recently presented its new Nomex® based fabrics and innovative protective solutions for firefighters and

industry workers at this year’s A+A in Dusseldorf, Germany. They offer, for example, better protection for

industry workers against the thermal effects of electric arcs. Moreover, the company announced the winners of

the 'Nomex® Innovation Award 2017' at a gala ceremony on the first day of the trade show. The award is open to

members of the DuPont™ Nomex® EMEA Partner Program, a carefully selected network of spinners, weavers, knitters

and garment manufacturers.

The 50th anniversary of Nomex® inherently flame-resistant fibres was another highlight of the fair, in addition

to various activities presented at the stand and throughout the year. DuPont invited its key partners worldwide

– the partner program currently comprises 125 companies in 40 countries all over the globe – to a dinner at the

iconic Rhine Tower to celebrate the occasion and express their appreciation for their support in making the

brand what it is today.
For firefighters, DuPont presented garments featuring new outer shell fabrics such as Nomex® NXT, Nomex® 3DP

and Nomex® 360 and introduced the new cutting-edge materials Nomex® Nano and Nomex® Nano Flex. The unmatched

Nomex® technology provides maximum thermal protection with increased wearer comfort and offers an efficient

barrier against toxic particles.

To protect industry workers from the thermal hazards of an electrical arc, DuPont showcased new Nomex® brand

fibre-based fabrics combining very high arc resistance with optimized wearing comfort. Samples undergoing

IEC/EN 61482-1 (Method A) arc flash testing have achieved ATPVs (arc thermal performance values) between 4 and

100 cal/cm2.

To help choose the appropriate protective solution for industry workers facing electrical hazards, DuPont

launched the Nomex® Knowledge Center ( at A+A – a comprehensive virtual hub of tools and

information to support safety professionals throughout their decision-making process. Once registered, users

will gain access to a simple, downloadable step-by-step guide to specifying the right protection for workers,

from hazard assessment through to fabric selection and garment recommendations. Moreover, the platform provides

a wide range of whitepapers and supporting material as well as a compilation of relevant standards and

explanations of their significance for safety professionals in the workplace.