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Moov&Cool to support elite sport in the UK

Jul 26, 2021
Moov&Cool to support elite sport in the UK


Devan Chemicals which is a textile finishing expert has used its ‘cool comfort technology’ Moov&Cool to support high-performance sport in Belgium and the UK.

As the weather is becoming hotter day by day, athletes face a real tough time. This is why thermoregulation technology is becoming popular so that athletes can perform at their best while playing the sport. The English Institute for Sport (EIS) and Sally Cowan Ltd has used this technology to improve the quality of the garments so that they offer thermal comfort to elite athletes.

Moov&Cool blends a multi-functional polymer technology that is qualified to absorb heat while the player is playing and it also improves the moisture management properties of the fabric. The treatment is done in such a way that it reacts to sweat build-up and heat emission simultaneously.

According to Jonathan Leeder, Performance Innovation Consultant, EIS, the partnership with Sally Cowan Ltd, has allowed the team to work with Dewan which has further led to the use of Moov&Cool technology. He said that the overall feedback has been positive. As per Sven Ghyselinck, CEO, Devan, the team is excited to see that the Moov&Cool technology is finally taking off in the market”. He also said that the pre-competition test results carried on the athletes have been satisfactory.

Source – Press release of "Devan Chemicals"

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