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Monforts customers shine at Digital Denim Week

Jul 28, 2021
Monforts customers shine at Digital Denim Week

Denim manufacturers employing trusted Monforts technologies continue to lead the field when it comes to sustainable fabric manufacturing, rapidly adopting every new advance in fibres, dyes and chemicals, as well as process and supply improvements and recycling options into their operations.

Many Denim manufacturers have taken the opportunity to showcase their latest activities at Première Vision’s Digital Denim Week which was held July 5-9, 2021.

According to Aydan Tuzun, Executive Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Naveena, the brand is always looking for means to create social and environmental impact along with designing new products and services for the market.

According to Per Besim Özek, Strategy and Business Development Director, Bossa, if the company is doing anything good then it should be kept as a secret. The company very well shares the information with other denim manufacturers. He also said that traceability is an expectation rather than a differentiator. Some retailers ask suppliers to meet the targets in order to retain in the business.

As per Ahmed Shaikh, CEO, Azgard 9, the company is thinking about collections of and for the future while brands are thinking about their next collection. Dian-Jen Lin who has also worked with Azgard 9 said that the photosynthetic coating is a living layer of photosynthetic microorganisms that were converted into textiles. 

Source – Press release of "Monforts"

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