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Maharashtra’s plan for revival of khadi

May 18, 2017
Maharashtra’s plan for revival of khadi

The Maharashtra State Khadi and Village Industries (MSKVI) board has drafted a detailed plan to revive home-based and village industries in the State. With an objective to provide employment to women while also increasing khadi sales, the plan focuses on women khadi weavers from Amravati and increasing khadi production through solar charkha.

Talking about boosting several home-based and village industries, deputy CEO of the MSKVI board Bipin Jagtap said, “Many products have for decades established the identity of the regions they are manufactured in. With the decline of these businesses, not just the identity of that region is lost but thousands of people associated with the industry lose employment too. Our aim is to boost these businesses, explore online market for these locally manufactured products and also make them available for international buyers.”

For the promotion of khadi and other village industries, the MSKVI board has been considering cluster development. Last year, 130 solar charkhas were distributed by the state government among Scheduled Caste women associated with Kasturba Mahila Bachat Gat, a self-help group in Amravati.