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Machine at H&M store converts old clothes into new

May 05, 2021
Machine at H&M store converts old clothes into new

Stockholm, Sweden

The award-winning in-store recycling machine Looop has the potential to take the sustainable textile industry by storm. Developed by Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, in association with the non-profit H&M Foundation, Looop won the Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards under the experimental category.

Placed at an H&M store in Stockholm, Looop lets customers drop off their old clothes at the store to be converted to new garments every day. The machine first cleans the old material, followed by shredding and spinning it into yarn which is then used to knit a new product of the customer’s choice. The customisation happens via an app and the process is priced at $17. The recycling process takes five to eight hours and does not use water or chemicals.

H&M is planning to use the in-store machine, designed and installed by the creative agency AKQA, to demonstrate the potential of apparel recycling to customers, explain the challenges of textile waste and educate them about opting for recycled clothes.

Currently, only around 1% of recycled clothing is turned into new apparels. All the used clothes from fast fashion brands and outlets usually end up in landfills. Similar to H&M, other players are also experimenting with new approaches to fabric recycling.

Source – Fast Company

Image Source:H&M Website 

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