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Luwa India's Multicell Filter MCV attracts many

Dec 09, 2016
Luwa India

Luwa India Pvt. Ltd, the market leader in the field of textile air engineering displayed its:
  • MultiCell Filter MCV with its compact and space saving design, and
  • The new efficient and power saving Axial Flow Fan Series B600
The technology of MultiCell Filter MCV is patented and with its modular and space saving concept perfectly suitable for machine exhaust air cleaning of Blowroom and Carding machines as well as in air conditioning plants for the dust and fly filtration of the room return air. The new Luwa MultiCell Filter MCV opens up many opportunities to reduce the required floor space of air conditioning- and filtration plants in textile mills.

The new Axial flow fan series B600 has been developed with focus on power saving - Axial flow fans are the main power consumer in an air conditioning or filter plant in a textile mill. In Spinning they account to around 55 per cent and, in weaving it goes up to 75 per cent of total consumed electrical power. Luwa has taken action to reduce this power consumption.

The B600 Axial Flow Fan with its sickle shaped blades has been developed in connection with the University of Siegen (Germany) following the requirements in textile air conditioning plants. Comparable with best available efficient fans in the markets, the Luwa Axial Flow Fan B600 can save up to 6 per cent of consumed electrical power.

(More details of Luwa in the forthcoming ITJ issues)