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Livinguard's face mask for Indian SARS CoV-2

Aug 27, 2021

New Delhi

An announcement has been made by Swiss Firm Livinguard about the technology that has proved effective against the Indian isolate of SARS COV 2 - COVID-19.

The tests on Livinguard’s face mask fabric were carried out by the New Delhi-based National Institute of Immunology (NII). According to the results of these tests, it was indicated that the Livinguard mask has 99% effectiveness against the Indian isolate of SARS CoV-2.

These masks are based on the underlying principle of the deactivation of microbes that include viruses and bacteria. Using the technology, a positive charge was created on the textile surface which makes them powerful against the negative charge of microbes. Hence, microbes are deactivated when they come in contact with the textiles treated with Livinguard Technology.

Source – BioSpectrum

Image Source: Wikipedia

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