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Lenzing’s way to measure softness in textiles

Sep 27, 2016
Lenzing’s way to measure softness in textiles

Lenzing is presenting a new method for measuring softness in textiles, together with the German instrument manufacturer, Emtec Electronic. 

“We notice that softness is becoming increasingly important as a comfort factor in brands and with retailers. Lenzing Modal fibres are the softest fibres in our fibre portfolio. This is something you can feel,” commented Claudia Mommer, product manager for Lenzing Modal. 

“However, an increasing number of customers are asking for measurements to explain the softness of our fibres in physical terms. Physical measurements are desired to confirm the individual's feeling and directly persuade the consumer at the point of sale.”

To explain the complex process of softness in textiles and at the same time exclude personal preferences, physical measurement methods were developed to make softness visible, the company reports. These methods are well known in the scientific world. However, they are highly complex, according to the manufacturer. 

A group specially formed at Lenzing Research, which devotes its research to physiological properties, searched for easier methods to measure softness. “In the search for existing measuring methods to test softness, we examined related industries and found an interesting instrument which appeared suitable to measure the softness of textiles,” explained Mohammad Abu Rous, head of the tests.