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Jumac’s HDPE Spinning Can

Nov 24, 2018
Jumac’s HDPE Spinning Can

Jumac manufactures HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylne) spinning can for the textile industry. Every can is of a standard & consistent quality. The complete range starting from 225 mm up to 1200 mm in diameter is available with the company along with its full range of accessories.

This can which is used in all the sections of a spinning plant such as carding, draw frame, comber, open end & rotors are available with the company including the newly introduced 1200mm dia can.

Jumac cans comprising of virgin HDPE sheet hardened and tempered precision springs, dust and fluff free casters, standard stainless steel accessories and moulded plastic top and bottom covers ensure a uniform material handling system. Jumac has presented a new and diversified range of sliver handling systems to minimise imperfection in sliver handling.

Springs are the heart of the can. Anti-rust and heat-treated, the box-type springs are made from high carbon special steel wire that enable uniform load and movement during operations. Every single spring is individually calibrated to give longer and consistent life.

A minimum initial load is advisable for maintaining the desired sliver height especially for open end and rotor spinning. Electro-welded Mild Steel (MS) shutters in crisscross (scissor) shape ensure uniform spring movement and maintain consistent sliver height. For sizes up to 24" plastic moulded covers and from 28" up to 48", Galvanised (GP) covers are used for zero tilting and proper balance of the sliver.