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Jowat bio-based adhesives for textile industry

Oct 08, 2020
Jowat bio-based adhesives for textile industry

Jowat, the adhesives manufacturer from Detmold, is presenting for the first time ever a range of bio-based reactive hot melt adhesives from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® GROW product family for textile lamination.

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Consumer demand for environment-friendly products has been growing consistently. In the textile industry in particular, bio-based and therefore sustainable materials play a major role. This positive trend is supported by the adhesives expert Jowat with the first reactive PUR hot melt adhesives based on renewable raw materials for laminating textiles.

The “GROW” product line from Jowat provides adhesives with a verified high content of renewable raw materials in their formulation. The DIN-certified adhesives from the Jowatherm® GROW series of the adhesives expert from Detmold are already being used successfully in the packaging industry.

Now, the first reactive PUR hot melt adhesives are also available in the Jowatherm® GROW series. These adhesives can be used in a broad spectrum of applications from the manufacture of mattress and upholstery covers to the production of medical textiles, protective clothing, building textiles, abrasive materials or cleaning textiles and to textile laminating operations in the automotive industry.

With the environment-friendly adhesive solutions from the Jowatherm® GROW and Jowatherm-Reaktant® GROW series, Jowat supplies powerful bio-based thermoplastic PO and reactive PUR hot melts for a wide range of applications in the packaging, textile and automotive industries. This continuing commitment also further strengthens the enterprise’s role as an innovative global player.