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Jeanologia’s innovations for Mexican industry

Oct 26, 2016
Jeanologia’s innovations for Mexican industry

Jeanologia has been promoting the Mexican textile sector with sustainable technologies that increase productivity and competitiveness. The leading Spanish company, in the development of sustainable solutions for the finishing of jeans, presented innovations that will transform the Mexican industry towards automation and efficiency at the Exintex 2016 at Centro Expositor Puebla, Puebla, Mexico that was held from October 18 to 21.

The company has reduced 90 per cent of water and chemical consumption and 50 per cent of power, thanks to the combination of its three sustainable technologies: laser, ozone and e-Flow nanobubbles. Also its integration of these technologies power new creative possibilities scalable to large productions.

At Exintex, Jeanologia displayed its latest developments which have been applied to laser, ozone G2 and e-flow nano bubbles technologies. Visitors saw vintage clothing, novel designs and trends with a common denominator: authentic eco efficient products.

Using Light PP Spray and Light Scraper solutions, it is possible to produce pollution-free jeans as the use of the dangerous potassium permanganate has been removed and it is possible to clone the authentic look of the antique denim in an efficient and ethical manner.