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Invista buys Cone Denim’s dual core patent

Sep 26, 2017
Invista buys Cone Denim’s dual core patent

Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibres, has recently purchased US based-Core Denim’s dual core patent portfolio. The patent estate covers a broad variety of dual core yarns, fabrics, and garments made from those fabrics, which are sold in the US, China, and most recently, Europe.

Since the purchase, Invista has been meeting individually with its denim customers and providing selected weavers with licenses to practice the technology. One of the requirements for granting of a license is that the mills agree to use branded Invista products such as Lycra and Lycra T400 fibres in their dual core fabrics.

Invista has compiled a licensed mill resource list for dual core fabrics which is being shared with denim brands and retailers. Only mills on the list are licensed to practice the Invista technologies. “The patents apply to yarns, fabrics, or garments made or sold in the countries where the patent is granted,” said Jean Hegedus, global director for Invista’s denim and wovens segment.

“So, if a fabric is made in India, but sold into the US or Europe, it would be covered under the new Invista patents,” explained Hegedus. In addition to the recently acquired patents, Invista also has a broad array of other patents related to fabrics made with dual core technology. One of those patents is granted in India and several others are pending.