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Huge saving of water by Wrangler

Dec 21, 2016
Huge saving of water by Wrangler

The global leader in jeans and casual apparel, Wrangler Jeans has revealed it has reached a milestone by having saved 3 billion liters of water since 2007, and has also  announced methods to reduce water usage at its facilities by 20 per cent by 2020.

Water plays a significant role in manufacturing of denim. The finishing steps in producing a pair of jeans typically require multiple water baths. By merging steps, Wrangler reduced water use without compromising quality. This improved wash down process, combined with increased water recycling yielded this significant resource conservation.

Wrangler brand's water recycling program invested in advanced wastewater treatment systems is to improve effluent water quality. This allows treated water to cycle back through the system.

For example, the company's owned Torreon facility in Mexico has achieved a 45 per cent water-recycling rate through a combination of disc filtration and biological treatment processes. The company plans to invest in additional technology at the site to achieve a 75 per cent recycling rate by 2018.