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HeiQ’s new odour control technology at Techtextil

May 08, 2017
HeiQ’s new odour control technology at Techtextil

The Swiss textile innovator HeiQ will launch a new product HeiQ Fresh NKU in its durable odour control HeiQ Fresh Tech technology family at Techtextil, which will be held from May 9-12 in Frankfurt. Conventional odour control technologies mainly eliminate unpleasant body odour resulting from bacterial sweat metabolites. The newest product of the HeiQ Fresh Tech range, HeiQ Fresh NKU is said to sequester volatile malodours like the ‘plastic’ smell of polyester or body hormones.

HeiQ originally developed silver-based technologies to prevent the odour generation on textiles by eliminating the source of malodours – hungry bacteria colonising the fresh textile. For almost 10 years, HeiQ’s first product has been tested and used by over 50 major brand players of the active wear, outdoor clothing and underwear market – like Odlo, Mammut and New Balance.

Over the years, HeiQ has added five further silver and non-silver based antimicrobial products to the versatile HeiQ Fresh Tech family, aiming to provide a solution for bacteria derived bad odour on textiles. Now, the HeiQ Fresh Tech family has been expanded by the innovative volatile odour source sequestering product HeiQ Fresh NKU.

The working principle of HeiQ Fresh NKU odour control technology is designed to enable the elimination of manifold annoying volatile malodours on textiles, beyond body odour deriving from bacterial sweat metabolites: ‘plastic’ smell of polyester generated by its monomeric components, or synthetic smell odours in new cars or exuded hormonal odour smell, the company reports.