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Global Head of R&D for Porcher Industries

Feb 22, 2019
Global Head of R&D for Porcher Industries

Porcher Industries, a leader in technical textiles and thermoplastic composite solutions with a global platform delivering unique chemistries and innovations, has announced the appointment of Jean-Marc Senecot as the new Global Head of R&D. Jean Marc Senecot will confirm the group’s ambitious plans for new technologies during JEC World 2019.

Following a successful 2-year period focused on expansion and investment in global plants, technologies and systems, 2019 will see Porcher Industries focus on innovation, delivering the latest textile and chemical solutions.

Taking a global responsibility for innovation and new technology across the group, Jean-Marc will lead the successful delivery of all new product development and technology projects – typically managing more than 90 projects per year.  Innovation will be based on 3 pillars that form the core of Porcher Industries strength. 

-Lightweighting: R&D activities on swiss replica watches TP high performance matrices resulting in successes such as the first TP C/PEEK primary part for the Airbus helicopter rotor, the lightest fabrics for paragliding and lightweight composites for automotive using polypreg fabrics.

-Safety: through its dry fibre toughening products in composites, the development of a new generation of RCY (rubber coating yarn) for transmission belts, Automotive airbags, and environmentally friendly products such as GreenLite.

-Recycling through life cycle analysis: For example the improvement of life cycles of glass fabrics by utilising waste in exhaust applications and the ADEM project that provide a second life on TP/C scraps.