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Garware’s aquaculture products in high demand globally

Dec 11, 2020
Garware’s aquaculture products in high demand globally

Garware Technical Fibres Ltd (GTFL) becomes a leading global player in providing aquaculture solutions for farmed salmon.  The company has dominant market-share in high salmon-farming countries like Norway, Chile, Scotland, Canada, among others. GTFL has become the preferred brand in the farmed salmon aquaculture with anti-predator nets, and protection cages in Chile and Canada, where both sea lions and seals pose a challenge to salmon farms. GTFL counts the biggest global aquaculture players among its clients and significant part of GTFL revenue comes from aquaculture.

Vayu Garware, Chairman and Managing Director, Garware Technical Fibres, elaborated on the growth, “The demand for our specialised aquaculture solutions has seen a very good growth in demand globally in the last nine months. We are extremely happy to note that globally one-in-three farmed salmon is either protected or kept healthier with GTFL’s aquaculture solutions. Our philosophy has been Better Ideas in Action, which helps keep improving our solutions by listening keenly to our customer needs and apply R&D for creating innovative products for differentiated and improved application for our customers.”

The HORECA segment, of hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses, has seen a downturn during this pandemic due to lockdown measures across countries; however the delivery and take-out services of salmon has seen a significant rise globally. The highly beneficial immunity-boosting properties of bio-available Omega 3S in salmon is considered as a significant reason for this growth in home salmon consumption.

GTFL supplies aquaculture solutions to all the top salmon farming markets with its range of aquaculture solutions like grow-out cages, predation mooring systems, sea-lice control, and anti-fouling solutions, to help increase the operational efficiency of salmon farms, and also aid in more sustainable salmon farming.

GTFL was established since 1976 and is headquartered in Pune, India.