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Freudenberg’s Eco-calculator to improve eco footprints

Apr 20, 2021
Freudenberg’s Eco-calculator to improve eco footprints

Weinheim, Germany

Recently, Freudenberg Performance Materials announced the launch of its new Eco-calculator that will analyse the lifecycle of the products from Evolon textile solutions and measure their environmental footprints.

This new Eco-calculator calculates through all stages of a product, starting from the extraction of raw materials to the laundering process and the end-of-life stage and calculates its environmental impact. There will be eight environmental criteria used for the calculation, including the carbon footprint, water impact, and eco-toxicity.

The products from Evolon textile solutions will be assessed by independent external experts who will conduct a life cycle assessment for products like bedding, bath towels, and workwear used in both hospitals and hotels.

The testing program will take data from simulated industrial wash cycles of 12 different textiles. Factors like energy consumed, water consumption, and quantity of detergent used by all these different fabrics will be identified.

After analyzing the data, Evolon experts will create different scenarios, keeping in mind the weight of the fabric, the type of finish, the country where the product is used, and the number of washing cycles. With all these scenarios as a reference, the environmental footprint of a customer can be calculated.

Fabrics made with Evolon technology are perfect as pillowcases, duvets, bed linen, and bath towels. These are free from harmful additions and are made of sustainable materials. The bedding sets from this label are created with anti-mite properties and are allergy-proof too.

The products of the brand are manufactured in Europe and are ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and ISO 45001 compliant. Evolon has also received the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) quality seal.

Based out of Germany, Freudenberg Performance Materials offers a wide range of technical textiles to industries like automotive, apparel, healthcare, energy, and building materials. The brand has 33 production sites in 14 countries around the world.