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Evolon’s eco-friendly super-microfilaments

Jan 16, 2017
Evolon’s eco-friendly super-microfilaments

Pillows and duvets made of feathers and down are extremely comfortable and provide a feeling of top of the range bedding. But this sensation of well-being can quickly be spoilt by escaping down and dust, not to mention the discomfort generated by the feathers with their sharp tips poking through the fabric. Super-microfilament textiles -- the latest in the Evolon® product range -- are the new technical and eco-friendly solution for pillows, duvets, sleeping bags and other quilted products filled with feathers and down.

Thanks to its structure of closely entangled super-microfilaments which are up to 200 times thinner than a human hair, weighing less than 130gsm, the new Evolon variant is a high density cover fabric which prevents any loss of filling from even the finest layer of down. The textile also makes it possible to mask dark feathers or those that are a little too thick and prickly.

For even greater comfort, Evolon super-microfilament fabric is breathable, light, soft and drapable. The moisture generated by perspiration during sleep is quickly evacuated. The moisture management properties and downproof performance have both been validated by Germany-based Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute. Evolon is well-known for being a natural physical barrier against dust mite allergens. As a result, Evolon also filters residual dust from feathers and down which could escape from the pillow or duvet. Bedding hygiene is considerably improved. 

The filtration quality of Evolon is strengthened with each washing. Unlike traditional textile covers with weave that can loosen and allow the down to escape, repeated washing causes the multidirectional, microfilament structure to tighten up, thereby reinforcing the barrier effect provided by Evolon.

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