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EFI’s mini textile factory for complete digital workflow

Feb 16, 2018
EFI’s mini textile factory for complete digital workflow

During the Sourcing at MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas, Electronics For Imaging Inc showcased its award-winning end-to-end solution for digital textile manufacturing – the EFI mini textile factory. A unique offering for industrial textile digital printing, the Factory encompasses design, print preparation, printing, image fixation and cutting with an integrated set of solutions from EFI and partners. Sourcing at MAGIC tradeshow was held between February 11-14.

MAGIC attendees witnessed how digital printing can revolutionise the apparel market with the EFI Optitex 2D and 3D Design platform, the EFI Fiery Textile Bundle, and EFI Reggiani inkjet printers. This digital workflow makes it easy to collaborate globally and reduces the cost of both sample making and the manufacture of small-lot apparel. It is already revolutionising the fast fashion market by reducing the need to ship expensive samples around the globe. Over the longer term, it will also enable point-of-need manufacturing, opening new opportunities for brands and retailers alike while taking time and cost out of shipping.

The mini textile factory gives users the ability to do fast prototyping and production, but it also eliminates the need for large minimum orders and inventory, while reducing turn time to market. Apparel companies can produce their goods as you need them, when it’s ordered and purchased.