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DuPont’s new solutions for protective apparels

Jun 21, 2017
DuPont’s new solutions for protective apparels

DuPont Protection Solutions has developed Tychem 2000 SFR, a new chemical protective clothing to help safeguard men and women from chemical hazards that can and cannot be seen, such as dangerous vapors, liquids, and particles.

DuPont has designed the brand to reduce worker chemical exposure while performing their jobs. Plus, the company is helping to make the hazardous work a less hazardous to the worker. David Domnisch, global marketing manager for Tyvek Protective Apparel says that this is first of several new protective apparel solutions that Tyvek and Tychem product range will be launched during 2017 and the company will be celebrating 50th anniversary of Tyvek pay tribute to the past but to focus on the future.

Tychem 2000 SFR provides an effective barrier against a range of inorganic acids and bases, plus industrial cleaning chemicals, as well as particles. In the event of a flash fire, Tychem2000 SFR garments will not ignite, and therefore do not contribute to additional burn injury if the wearer uses appropriate flame-resistant (FR) personal protective equipment (PPE). If a fire hazard exists, Tychem 2000 SFR garments must be worn over an appropriate FR garment, along with other PPE that protects workers' faces, hands and feet. Tychem 2000 features a respirator fit hood with DuPont ProShield 6 SFR fabric lining; chin flap with double-sided adhesive tape, etc.?