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Dr Mahapatra stresses R&D role

Oct 13, 2016
Dr Mahapatra stresses R&D role

Dr Mahapatra participated as the only guest from India in the panel discussion held by the Textile & Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters Forum at 3rd TEXAPP 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh recently.

The discussion was on ‘Driving business with Knowledge’. He urged on the necessity of R&D within the companies. He informed that many Indian companies have installed their own continuous development cell, which is helping them becoming more efficient day by day, and the industry will require more on-the-job training and capacity building supports.

Dr Mahapatra emphasised on building a habit of innovation to all. Every person should always do or think on further development. Productive use of time of the people and a sharing and positive environment would help a nation to rise, he concluded. The meet was organised by CEMS Global.