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Dornbirn-GFC to be held from Sept 12-14, 2018

Apr 16, 2018
Dornbirn-GFC to be held from Sept 12-14, 2018

Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress 2018 (Dornbirn-GFC) presents over 100 lectures of high quality from academic research and industry from September 12-14. Sustainable innovations are the guiding principle of the event. As idea- and network generator Dornbirn-GFC is a basic element in the appointment calendars of about 700 participants from 30 nations worldwide.

Dornbirn-GFC has developed into a global brand in the last years. In that regard, the internationalisation has been promoted, also natural fibres will be involved in the future, but the European roots will be maintained. A Rebranding will support these efforts. There is a change from Dornbirn-MFC to Dornbirn-GFC.

Dornbirn-GFC has gradually evolved into a global brand and its rising number of participants and international origin reflect its status. Visitors from more than 70 new companies were registered last year. Overall, more than 700 participants from 30 nations visited Dornbirn (80 per cent from Europe, 15 per cent from Asia, 5 per cent from the Americas). In 2018, delegations from Asia and the USA have confirmed their participation.