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Digital printers all smiles at Monna Lisa!

Apr 21, 2017
Digital printers all smiles at Monna Lisa!

Epson, a pioneer in digital textile printing technology, FOR.TEX and F.lli Robustelli, which now belong to the Group, have announced that the revolutionary Monna Lisa Evo Tre has been chosen by leading printing companies in Italy and abroad. This new digital textile printer is dedicated to a rapidly growing market. After the 2015 digital textile printing market milestone, it has been predicted that the industry will see annual increases of 17 per cent until 2019.

Monna Lisa Evo Tre is a further step in the remarkable evolution of printing technologies in the textile sector. A single solution to meet the varied market quality and production needs. Designed by the engineering company F.lli Robustelli, the Monna Lisa Evo Tre features innovative and exclusive Epson PrecisionCore proprietary printing technology. Its flexibility provides unprecedented higher productivity quality and reliability – features that make the new printer one of the most versatile digital textile printers on the market.

One of the most important qualities of the new Monna Lisa is its flexibility. It provides users with a single printer to meet a variety of different production needs. It can print on any type of fabric from the most basic to the most complex designs with the highest quality, perfect speed and repeatability. This means a drastically reduced production time and in-line sampling with production. These are crucial to satisfy a demanding market, which is constantly looking for innovation, from the high-fashion sector to the entire textile and clothing sector.

These unique characteristics have made the Monna Lisa the best solution for all printing suppliers working with the best-known fashion, fast fashion and high fashion brands.