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Cotton USA offering sourcing support at Texworld

Jan 31, 2017
Cotton USA offering sourcing support at Texworld

COTTON USA will promote US cotton and offer sourcing support to the fashion industry supply chain at its exhibit at Texworld in Paris from February 6-9, 2017, in Hall 2 F187. COTTON USA will provide visitors with comprehensive background information on responsibly-produced US cotton, global cotton market developments, the findings of current market and consumer studies, and its ongoing Licensing, Marketing and Sourcing Programs.

COTTON USA provides proactive support through its Sourcing Program with respect to procurement issues, which includes organized sourcing trips to important regions. Visitors also are invited to visit the exhibit to discover the COTTON USA Marketing and Licensing Program and learn about COTTON USA’s collaboration with leading brands and retailers around the world.

Cotton is a natural and renewable fibre, and US cotton producers are leading the way in responsible cotton production practices. US cotton has a track record of continuous improvement with respect to water and crop protection product use, and habitat and soil preservation. The US system’s transparency allows for constant monitoring and improvement. The roughly 18,000 US cotton growers comply with stringent U.S. government regulatory requirements and are committed to the principle of continuous improvement.

At the COTTON USA exhibit, the textile trade also will be able to gather information on how the Cotton LEADS™ program, initiated by Australia and the United States, offers manufacturers, brands and retailers a reliable cotton supply chain solution and confidence that the raw material used from these countries is responsibly produced and identified.