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ContiTech’s durable rubber timing belt

Oct 10, 2017
ContiTech’s durable rubber timing belt

It’s one of the strongest rubber timing belts in the market: The Synchroforce Carbon is technology company ContiTech’s new heavy-duty timing belt with a hybrid tension member made of a glass carbon compound, which offers a similar performance to polyurethane belts. Due to the impressive properties of its rubber compound, it scores even further. “The demands on machines are growing constantly. Consequently, there is also a constant need for higher-performance belts,” declares Rodrigo Maia, head of the Industry EMEA/APAC segment in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group, and adds: “One of carbon’s features is that the fibers scarcely stretch even when subjected to a high tensile load. When combined with a compound that has been specially designed to cope with high demands, the result is a durable drive solution for challenging applications, for example in machine tools, industrial robots and roller conveyors.”

The Synchroforce Carbon transmits rotary motion with great angular precision. Thanks to its innovative hybrid tension member, which combines the advantages of carbon and glass, the belt offers high tear strength and dynamic load capacity. This enables synchronous drives to operate in extremely tight spaces – creating the ideal conditions for designing cost-effective drives with a small installed size and low weight.

The Synchroforce Carbon is suitable for tropical climates, resistant to ozone and to oil, temperature-resistant from -30°C to +130°C, electrically conductive to ISO 9563 and very silent. Thanks to its special material properties, the timing belt is maintenance-free, so there is no need for lubrication or retensioning. The Synchroforce Carbon is available in HTD, STD and CTD sections and an 8M pitch. The belt replaces the Synchroforce Extreme and offers another five per cent more performance.