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Cifra strengthens R&D & design departments

Jul 11, 2019
Cifra strengthens R&D & design departments

Cifra, an Italian leader in the production of knitwear using its Warp Knit Seamless (WKS) technology, is investing in research and design, thanks to the expansion of its design department and the addition of new eco-sustainable yarn offerings.

“Our work is customised at every stage, so that we may offer a completely exclusive product, created with the most current, increasingly cutting-edge technology on the market,” explained Cesare Citterio, CEO of Cifra. “Our designing first starts within the design office, today equipped with ten CAD workstations (which adds up to a total of 80 hours of original drawings being made per day), and three specialised pattern makers; a tried and true laboratory of ideas and experimentation which represents the heart of the company.”

“The new patents, whether for ornamental or functional purposes, are aimed at protecting a recognised uniqueness and our know-how, and they allow us to offer a guarantee at every stage of our creative and production process, from fibre selection to graphics, with the focus kept as always on an eco-responsible approach.”

Thanks to its customer-oriented approach and commitment to sustainability, Cifra is a leading partner for some of the world's top brands in both sports and fashion segments. It is renowned for its excellence as an Italian enterprise that is expanding its offerings with the addition of new eco-sustainable yarns.