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BESTSELLER signs pact for Infinited Fiber’s Infinna

Jul 08, 2021
BESTSELLER signs pact for Infinited Fiber’s Infinna


Danish clothing firm BESTSELLER has signed a multi-year sales agreement for Infinited Fiber Company’s fibre, Infinna. The company has been collaborating with BESTSELLER’s sustainability innovation platform Fashion FWD Lab, since last year.

According to Camilla Skjonning Jorgensen, Sustainable Materials & Innovation Manager, BESTSELLER, with this collaboration, the company has developed its first prototypes and has come to an understanding that the fibre can meet the requirements like sustainability, look, and personality. The company can scale this circular material with the help of Infinited Fiber Company’s planned flagship factory and can make it a conventional fibre from the competitive fibre.

It was also said that this is much more than an investment for the company as it can help to make a meaningful impact on the environment in the fashion industry. It offers a technology solution that makes textile-to-textile recycling an option. Also, BESTSELLER can reach North Star and become circular by design with this investment.

Infinna is a unique and premium-quality regenerated textile fibre with the natural, soft look and feel of cotton. It is biodegradable and has no microplastics. Infinited Fiber Company’s technology is capable of turning this cellulose-based raw material, like cotton-rich textile waste into Infinna.

According to Lise Kaae, CEO, HEARTLAND A/S, the company is excited about the collaboration and is hoping to build a long-term partnership with Infinited Fiber Company. Invest FWD’s aspiration is to support the fashion ecosystem while Infinited Fiber Company is into textile-to-textile recycling; hence, the two are a great match.

As per Petri Alava, CEO, Infinited Fiber Company, these new investments will help the company to proceed at full speed with environmental permits, pre-engineering, and the recruitment of skilled professionals.


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