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BekaertDeslee's anti-viral mattress textiles

Jun 30, 2020

BekaertDeslee, the world's leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of mattress textiles, mattress covers and on trend sleep solutions, has introduced a hi-tech addition 'Virase' to the Sleep Dimension. Virase helps fight the spread of viral infections. ‘Clean’ promotes solutions for a fresh and healthy long-lasting hygienic sleep environment.

The Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, an independent and internationally accredited lab in Guangzhou, China, has confirmed the instant efficacy of the BekaertDeslee Virase biotechnology.

"BekaertDeslee is the first in the industry to provide proof of a higher than 99 per cent reduction of viral activity within 2 hours on the surface of an in-house produced mattress textile," the Waregem, Belgium-headquartered company said.

The test protocol was executed in accordance with the international standard for determination of antiviral activity of textile products, ISO 18184:2014. This test confirms that Virase, a special formulated textile finish, proves immediate and substantial antiviral effect on enveloped viruses.