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ANDRITZ Nonwoven's new tech reduces raw material use

Apr 30, 2021
ANDRITZ Nonwoven

Graz, Austria

ANDRITZ, one of the world’s leading technology brands in the nonwoven industry, has always been at the forefront of creating sustainable and innovative solutions for the industry. The brand has now created a new weight profiling technology called ProWin. This weight profiling product is a perfect mix of ProDyn and ProWid. It helps all nonwoven producers to increase their process speed by up to 15% and achieve optimum weight profiling. It combines the in-depth knowledge of ANDRITZ and the long-term experience of the brand.

“We have developed a self-regulating, advanced technology to reduce fiber deposits at the edges of the web and eliminate the “smile” effect across its width. ProWin enables producers to optimize the CV ratio autonomously and precisely while also generating significant fibre savings of up to 10% and increasing production speed. Thus, it also provides a faster ROI,“ says Guillaume Julien, Head, Needlepunch Sales, at ANDRITZ Nonwoven.

By minimizing raw material input and maximizing performance, the cost can be optimized. This new technology will help get back the wasted edges of their fabric and reuse them. As a result, fabric producers can use the same web characteristics and quality as when using virgin fibers.

ANDRITZ also offers Metris - ANDRITZ digital solutions, a service-based app, that can be used to track raw materials consumption. This can monitor fiber consumption and help investigate raw material losses. This can optimize the system’s consumption of raw materials. This brand offers a wide range of other products across different platforms to cater to the needs of customers.

Source: ANDRITZ press release

Image Source: Andritz

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